Tips for involving the Groom-to-be in planning the wedding

Recently engaged??  If  you are planning your wedding with the Groom-to-be by your side helping to make every decision,  you are very fortunate and have found your soul mate and beyond. For some of us planning a wedding with the Groom-to-be comes with “whatever you like best.” Which in some cases that is exactly what we want to hear!! (wink, wink) Other times we could use a little feedback, at least someone to bounce ideas off of.

Before you start swimming through all the magazines, blogs and checklist. Ask the groom what is most important to him. For example, my husband only wanted to talk to the caterer, the venue and the bakery. (nuff said)

Here are my top 3 tips for getting the Groom-to-be involved in the wedding plans.

1) Remember those exciting nights out on the town when you first started dating? Have him research bands and DJs, and arrange for the two of you to go out on “dates” to take notes and compare. Once you choose your musicians, he should take charge of providing them with a list of the tunes you both want to hear (and don’t want to hear).

2) If he never failed a math test, managing the wedding budget is the perfect task for him. “Simply put, the man likes to be in charge of the money,” Software programs, like Quicken, and wedding-planning programs that include a budget tool might make this task even more appealing to him.

3) In regular “wedding update” meetings, get his input on decisions. As time goes on and the big day gets closer, he’ll become more and more involved with the details of the day—and that’s just as it should be. After all, the wedding belongs to both of you!

Most importantly take a deep breathe and “know this to shall pass”!! Although the process can be somewhat stressful at times, it sets a great foundation of compromise for the future.

Embrace today with  Love, Life and Style!