Let’s plan a bridal shower to honor your BFF!

Planning the Bridal Shower for you BFF! 


In Victorian times, presents were offered in a parasol, which is where the “shower” part comes in. So what’s the point now? As far as I’m concerned, a bridal shower is an awesome excuse to celebrate one of your BFFs and the new chapter in her love life with all of your lady friends, as well as an obscene amount of eats and drinks. (Don’t forget the drinks.)

To make sure you don’t forget anything else, here’s a helpful breakdown of the party-planning process — so when it comes time to throw your best girl a bridal shower, you can honor her in style.

Planning committee. Whether you realize it or not, planning a party — for five guests or twenty — is kind of a big deal. Get a couple of friends in on the action: you’ll feel less pressure and it actually makes the process more fun.

Guest list. Have your BFF provide the names and addresses/emails of everyone she wants to invite. This will help you figure out the next major steps, like…

Location/Time. According to Queen of Manners Emily Post, showers should be held two months to two weeks before the wedding. Early afternoon seems to be the standard bridal shower hour, but that doesn’t mean it’s required. Think about the guest of honor and what suits her best. Try to decided her favorite meal of the day, this is always a good start to selecting the menu.

Theme. Of course, your shower doesn’t have to have a theme (a bridal shower is sort of a theme in and of itself), but choosing one can lend a cohesive ambience to your party — not to mention that invitees will probably appreciate being given direction when it comes to gift giving.  You could throw a tea party, a kitchen-specific fete that incorporates a cooking lesson, a stock-her-bar gathering that involves craft cocktails and boozy gifts, a DIY-centric crafternoon, a spa-themed shower with mani/pedis, etc.  I am sure whatever you choose, your BFF will be showered in love by family and friends!!

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