Dress code for your wedding guests….

When planning a wedding, try to remember that your wedding guests may be having a hard time trying to figure out what to wear to your wedding. They may also  be having difficulty determining the dress code. Different types of wedding call for different levels of dress. Many factors influence what the dress code will be whether it will be a church wedding, beach wedding, summer wedding  or winter wedding. Don’t feel awkward to give your guests a heads up as to what the dress code will be, and save the embarrasing awkward moments for everyone. For example, if it is expected that all  female wedding guests need to wear hats to your church wedding, guests would much rather know this before the ceremony than walk into a church and be the only one not wearing a hat.  I know this from personal experience! I felt extremely awkward walking into a small church wedding being the only female other than the bride, not wearing a hat. Letting the wedding guests know about the dress code is best conveyed through word of mouth, or a small mention either on the invite itself. Additionally, you could slip a small general note slipped inside the invitation.

Embrace today with Love, Life and Style!