Let’s talk wedding dessert ideas beyond cake…


As you’re planning the wedding reception menu, know that it’s not just about  wedding cake anymore. In fact, the latest trend is to cap off your nuptial meal  with totally scrumptious confections that are all about who you are as a couple,  while giving your guests a sweet reward.

Skip Wedding Cake Altogether

If you’re not a wedding cake kind of  couple, don’t feel obligated to have a four-tiered, fondant-covered masterpiece.  Some brides and grooms are opting out of serving a traditional wedding cake.  Cupcakes on stacked tiers with the top tier as a small cake is a stylish  and popular alternative. Down South, there’s a trend to forgo the groom’s cake and do mini  pastries, logo cookies with the bride and groom’s photo on them, or miniature  wedding cake cookies instead.  Looking for more options:

  • Serve individual cakes in the shape of, say, an open Tiffany-style box  filled with cream and berries. (eye-candy)
  • Have a dramatic chocolate fountain, actually shaped like a three-tiered wedding cake. The word on the street, however, is that the fountains can get  messy if not manned properly, but no one ever said indulgence was a tidy business.
  • Can’t live without a grand wedding cake? Wedding cakes are gorgeous, but who  says you can’t pair yours with treats? If you choose a cake with light and  fruity fillings, try richer desserts (chocolate, anyone?).

How should you serve it?

Dessert is king, so why not serve it  regally? Dessert stations — basically a buffet setup that guests visit — are  where it’s at right now. Even if you’re doing a seated meal, a dessert station  gives guests a chance to circulate a bit. We’ve seen stations that range from  totally elaborate Viennese tables with every confection imaginable to simple  themed offerings. Case in point: the candy bar. Many caterers include the sweets  the couple loved from their childhood-like malted milk balls, jelly beans, and  caramel popcorn. Empty bags are available for guests to take home their  favorites.

Creating your dessert options should be cohesive with the overall theme and ambiance of the evening. Use your imagination and consider what you order at your favorite restaurant for inspiration.

Embrace today with Love, Life and Style!